Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Interview with Andrea Resner

Andrea Resner is a photographer based-in Split, a beautiful city of Croatia. She started taking pictures when she was a child by using an analogue camera of her father. Although sometimes she uses digital cameras as well but she still prefers to analogue. We featured her work once, and today we asked her a few questions to know more about her work and her passion for film photography.

Hi Andrea, can you tell us more about you?
I was born in Split, Croatia twenty six years ago. As long as I can remember I always had an urge to express myself creatively through drawing, painting and similar things. Eventually photography came through as a medium. For a number of years it was just a hobby, but then it became a real sincere love afair. I have graduated from the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb, and ever since I have been living a life of a freelance artist.

How did you first become interested analogue?
My father had an analogue camera and I used to take photos of pretty houses when I was a child. Through the years I would pick it up from time to time, but never really stuck with it. For sometimes I was using some digital cameras as well, but eventually I realized that the analogue is the only way to go, and that nothing can compare to it. I love the little mistakes it allows you. And the element of surprise is always there. Also you know that you have a film with the exact number of photos you can take which makes a whole different approach when shooting. It makes you act quick, yet calm.

What are film cameras you use?
I love my little Olympus µ-II becasue it's easy to carry everywhere. I also have my father's Nikon FG-20 and my new favorite Konica Z-up 120 vp. I also use some other simple film cameras I borrow from my friends, but I would say these three are my favorite.

What type of photography interests you?
I prefere spontanious photos. Snap shots. They emphesize the beautiful moments of every day life. Those are the the kind of photos I like to take, but I also like to look at those kind pf photos taken by other people, as everyone makes their own little world from the same places and same times.

Who are your favorite film photographers?
Well I like Wolfgang Tillmans, Terry Richardson and Nan Goldin. I also like the new Serbian scene photographers like Marija Strajnić, Katarina Šoškić, Marija Kovač and others. Sumeja Tulić from Bosnia. And also Daria Čičmir and Barbara Radelja, who are my dear friends from my hometown.

What tips can you give other film photographers?
Don't think, just shoot!

Thank you Andrea for the interview!

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