Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flowers in the Window

Inspired by the song "Flowers in the Window" which was released in 2002 by UK Indie band Travis, below is a selection of 12 analog photos featuring beautiful flowers in the window.
The song was written long before the release of Travis' second album, The Man Who, and although he is uncredited on the album, it was co-written by Paul McCartney. In an interview for Rate Your Music, Fran Healy claimed, "I met McCartney whilst recording a television programme, and I played him an unfinished track from the new album. He said: 'That's a great little song.' He helped us finish the ending, but we didn't give him a credit on the sleeve."
Afternoon Light by childishToy*

white stripes. by

there's never enough time to do all the nothing you want by after october

lilac lineup: poststravaganza #15 by manyfires

untitled by momò

peaceful holiday afternoon by *shinobu

church by abbytrysagain

untitled by andrew sea james

untitled by nicolette clara iles

untitled by patrickjoust

______________________________ by Pietro Lodi

day onehundred and twentyone by madeline.p

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