Monday, March 17, 2014

Flower Girl Wreath

A collection of beautiful portraits of girls with floral crown. All photos were taken by using various film cameras.

untitled by Mariam Sitchinava.

as if everything didn't have end by thewhitestdogalive

a plain morning by raquel fialho

untitled by julie marie craig

The Daisy Queen by keyana tea

untitled by Gaby J Photography

anemone by THE PULP GIRLS

untitled by Kid_Curry

Kaidy - Workshop Session by Ashley E. Moore

hiding and seeking. by Dependent on the Winds

Ballerine by J'adore Je t'aime

Summer Daze by Effervescent ❂ Jess

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  1. Great article. I grew up on 35mm film and the gradual change-over to digital was tough for me. I shot with Minolta film cameras so I'm used to not having the instant gratification. Sending rolls to the store and waiting a week for their return, then poring over the shots was fun. Now it's too expensive though I still do film once in awhile. Currently shooting with Pentax K-5, great camera.

  2. Not sure I'd call the FM2 old-school but it is certainly dated now. My main cameras are Leica M3, M2 and M6. When I use an SLR it is either Nikon F, F2 or FM. I'm no luddite. I bought a Canon EOS-1D system when it first debuted. I occasionally shoot on a NEX-5. However there is still nothing that comes close to the feel of an all-mechanical camera, not to mention the advantages of film. It's nice to see these kinds of posts keeping the classic cameras fresh in the minds of photographers new and old.