Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Confused" by Bora Ayonur

Bora Ayonur (b. 1992) is a photographer based-in Istanbul, Turkey. He's currently studying main art branch graphic design at Yeditepe Üniversity. His work focuses largely human, living space and life on the effect.
"I'm taking photo because photography is one of the strongest given messages, as well as the photography speaks the same language everywhere, so I always create visual memory, actually I want to use different ways from time to time. It does not matter how I do. I don't like any rules, I like simple things; generally simple things are more meaningful, strong and unique. Life is already complicated enough..."
The latest produced, but first colourful series, “Confused”, has been developed and influenced by human, human's natural living space, and human's influence on his natural living space. As a result, in the images, we are swept away to feel the sociological trauma’s effects on the places and people as symbols and metaphors.

Each photograph has a sequel equivalent and feeling that impacts its surroundings. (Itself, the other photograph, the viewer, you, me or him) Obviously, men are the ones who create the material (The image and the trouble). Most of us, are left alone with the chaotic boring attitude of life for some time and while the attitude progresses with different images’ recurrence we wait for the happy ending. Most of us get shocked everyday as if nothing has ever happened before.

The photographs in the series, just as humans are today, have sometimes lost their “definition” and sometimes are contaminated. We, just as one is expected to do in society, left the quality of one aside and indiscriminately captured the images with digital and analogue cameras. Furthermore, we even captured some of the photographs with cell phone cameras.

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