Saturday, March 22, 2014

An Old Roll of Film - Alison Conklin

Alison Conklin is a photographer based-in Philadelphia, USA. She has a darkroom and used it for 10 years. Then of course the boom of digital came out and her focus switched a bit. But here and there she shoots film. A few years ago she shot a roll of color film of my own children.  "There is something so magical about it," she says. "I have been shooting more and more film lately and falling in love with it all over again. I am even in the midst of building a black and white darkroom in my basement. I miss the art of it. I miss the beauty of watching an image form under the developer. And I can’t wait to teach my 10 & 11 year old sons the art of film."

Here are some of candid portraits of her children from the roll of film that she shot a few years ago.

You can also see more of Conklin's work on her websites here and here, or follow her on her Facebook page here.

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  1. Love it! There is something magic about film. These are great!