Sunday, February 2, 2014

Street Scenes in Hollywood by Kodachrome 64 from between 1979-1983

These interesting colour photographs were taken in Hollywood by photographer Matt Sweeney from between 1979 to 1983. "During this time, I lived in Hollywoodland in Beachwood Canyon under the Hollywood sign," he said. "I'd just left home at 17, and moved to Hollywood to make it in movies. Not as a star but as a moviemaker. It didn't work out. But I spent these years riding the bus and my moped and working at local photography buisnesses like Franks Highland Park Camera and Freestyle on Sunset. I shot a lot on the way home from work. Also on weekends I'd more often then not go out shooting.".

The photographs are mostly shot on Kodachrome 64, and has remained stable. Some fading has occured, and some was not developed until late.

You can view the whole collection on Sweeney's website at

(Photographs © Matt Sweeney, via Retronaut)

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