Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pola Girl - Luna Simoncini

Luna Simoncini is a 26 photographer who was born in Macerata, a city at the center of Italy. Her passion for photography was born in Bologna during college years. Now she currently studies photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, Italy. Luna also has a photography blog named Fotografica Mente Luna where she writes about analog and digital photography, instant photography, lomography, and much more!
"I love fashion and portrait photography. In recent years I rediscovered analog photography." - She says.
"Pola Girl" is a photo series of Luna Simoncini were shot by using a Nikkormat FTn camera with 50mm f/2 lens and Kodak Ektar expired film (2010).

A metaphysical location, a Polaroid, and a Kodak Ektar expired film. These are the elements of the series "Pola Girl". The images have peculiar tones that turn purple and red due to the expired film.

  • Model/MUA: Alia Simoncini
  • Location: Macerata, Italy
See more of Luna's work on her website and her blog.

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