Saturday, February 22, 2014

Olivier Barjolle - 5 things I love about Film

Olivier Barjolle is a 27 year old French photographer currently based in Vancouver, Canada. "I had check a lot of your "5 things I love about film" and really like it; and since I recently got more organized and managed to put my website up I decided to submit." - Barjolle says of his submission.

Here are 5 things why he loves about film photography:

1. The cameras: The very wide variety of cameras, formats, and lenses is endless - there is always something new for me to discover

2. The mechanics: From the sounds of an old shutter or a mirror flipping up to setting a view camera, I love the mechanics involved in shooting film.

3. The films: The specific emulsion and size of each film, from color 35mm to 4x5 polaroid, everything is different and produce a different result.

4. The approach: Taking my time, applying myself on each exposure is something I really enjoyed over the years.

5. The suspense: Never knowing at 100% how is it going to turn out, expecting and hoping until process and scan. This be as disheartening as it can be extremely rewarding.

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