Friday, February 28, 2014

March of Film Photo Project

March Of Film is a month long photo adventure in which themes are provided to spark your creativity! The themes for 2014 will be launched on March 1st.

According to Lomography, Amanda Potter and Simon Ponder had the idea for their project March of Film during the winter of 2012, which was a particular uneventful one for them. They started the project as a means to get them and other analogue photographers out of their winter-time blues and excited for a new spring.

You can choose one theme per week to shoot during the month of March or shoot them all, and then submit your images through their website here or post to Twitter using the tag #marchoffilm.

Now grab your favorite cameras, load up that film you've been wanting to try, get out there & have some fun! Here's a selection of some of interesting shots from last year for your inspirations.

Reflect by Peter de Graaff

Villa Camerini - Door by Pretty in Mad

Bridge. by -MRGT

IMG_1261 by Elmogran

Il vortice - contro la corrente by NienteZuccheroNelCaffè

Swarm by JoelZimmer

untitled by HK Karim

* by Lucaebbasta

Steffi by [Londres]

Korean Housed. by

You can have my absence of faith. by Shelly Sometimes

KK by marc von martial

Portrait of a Girl II by Asshhleeyy_D

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