Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lower East Side of New York City in 1980

In 1980, photographer Brian Rose documented the streets and buildings of New York City's Lower East Side, with fellow photographer Ed Fausty, using a 4x5 view camera. It was the neighborhood's darkest, but most creative moment. While buildings crumbled and burned, artists and musicians came to explore and express the edgy quality of the place. And then again three decades later, in 2010, he began re-photographing the neighborhood, working alone this time. The result is a book titled Time and Space on the Lower East Side, which was published in 2012.
"The images from 1980 were made in the relatively early days of color art photography," he says. "Ed and I sought to bring view camera color, and a modern perspective, to a subject largely defined in the past by gritty black and white images. After the project was completed and exhibited in 1981, it remained unseen in my archive. I went on to other projects, and lived overseas for 12 years in Amsterdam."
East 4th Street between the Bowery and Second Avenue, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

Orchard/Delancey Street, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

Houston Street, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

Henry Street, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

East 5th Street, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

East 4th Street between Avenue B and C, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

Ludlow Street, Puerto Rican Independence mural, 1980 © Brian Rose/Ed Fausty

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