Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lisa-Marie Kaspar - 5 things I love about Film

Lisa-Marie Kaspar is a 20 year old photographer and student of Communication Design from Germany. She started taking photography as a serious hobby in the beginning of 2012.
"I started with a DSLR and only in October I began to switch to film photography. Now, in 2014 I am taking photos completely on film. When you start photography you first take photos of everything, then later you want to establish your own style and shoot the things you have in your mind. I have always been in search of my style, but most of the time I was unhappy with my photos. I have always been interested in analog photography, I really don't know why I didn't give it a try earlier. Anyway, when I received my first roll of film from a "proper" shoot back, I was astonished. I immediately knew "these photos look like ME." and I have been happy with every single roll of film ever since." - Lisa says.
And here are 5 things she loves the most about film:

1. First of all, I am in love with the whole process of film photography. Everything is completely on you, you choose the camera, the lens, the film, thereby the colours, the ISO, you choose the aperture, the shutter speed and so on. This makes you think more about the actual photo you want to take. You don't just press the shutter and maybe there will be an "okay photo", but you actually THINK about what will be on the frame. I also like the technical side of the process: Inserting the film into the camera, winding the film, getting it developed or even develop it yourself (I really love that) and then see the results for the first time.

2. It sounds strange, but taking photos with film cameras I don't feel any pressure anymore when shooting a person. With a DSLR I always felt like I had to deliver perfect photos right from the start, that I had to show my "skills". I am much more calm now, I take the time to wait for the perfect moment. I also didn't dare to take detail shots of hands and so on. I don't know why I didn't. I feel like shooting on film gives you the right to take photos of hands, hair, etc. I know this sounds so weird, but it makes so much sense to me.

3. With a film camera I always feel like a timetraveller. You use cameras with a story, cameras that have existed long before you were born, maybe even before your parents were born. Isn't that amazing? I sometimes wonder what my cameras have seen already and am kind of sad that I will never know. That's their secret. Almost the same applies to expired films. I have used films that expired in 2000, I was seven years old back then. This really amazes me.

4. From a technical side, I am glad that you always have the negatives. I always digitalise my work and save it on an external hard drive. If one day the hard drive may get broken, I at least have the negatives, so my photos won't get lost.

5. Lastly, I love the exceptional quality of film. You won't be able to copy this feeling with digital cameras. Even Photoshop can't do it. To me, it is pure magic when the light exposes the film. Analog photography really is magic.

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