Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Léa Brinon - 5 things I love about Film

Léa Brinon (b. 1992) is a French photographer who is currently based-in Glasgow, UK and she's part of the Glasgow University Photographic Society. Brinon shoots mostly film since she was 14. "Since I use film, it's like the magical part of the “chemical” process and the film/ camera itself that will give “the” effect to the picture," she says.

We once featured her multiple exposure work in 2013. And today, here are 5 main reasons why she love shooting with film:

1. Because of the unknown double/triple exposures I can get.

2. It's important to keep film photography alive!

3. The quality of the picture is unbeatable.

4. Because of the limited pictures you can take on one roll: It makes you think different.

5. It makes you wait for the final pictures, and this waiting is magical.

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