Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interview with Jan Herdlicka

Jan Herdlicka is a 26 year old photographer from Berlin, Germany. He got his first camera when he was 11 and he really began taking pictures about 4 years ago. Now Herdlicka shoots mostly with film, especially black and white film photography and developing himself. You can view more of his works were featured on Shooting Film before here. And now just take a look into the interview with Herdlicka to know more about himself and his work on film photography.

Hi Jan, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Hey guys! I am Jan Herdlicka, a 26 years old student of cultural studies and photo-artist from Berlin, Germany.

When did you first become interested in photography?
The first time I became interested in photography was a while ago when I received my first tiny plastic camera at the age of 11. I instantly got excited about the technology it contains and the magic this little thing could produce. After that I always liked taking photographs but I did not really do it with any specific intentions.

About 4 years ago I got my first "good" camera, a small DSLR from Nikon and by that time I really began shooting more focussed on aesthetics and a serial outcome. It took me some months before I had the courage to try out analog photography but as soon as I developped my first black and white film and scanned the negatives I got addicted to this way of working. Since that moment I hardly ever use digital cameras (mostly my mobile phone as somekind of visual notebook).

Why do you still shoot film in this digital age?
It might sound pathetic but the most important thing for me is the feeling that developping film gives me.
Somehow, if I have the impression that I invested some work in a process the outcome seems to be much worthier for me. Also the surprise-part plays an important role. You never know what you will get out of a roll of film unless you have developped it.

Did you study photography or did it just start as a hobby?
I did not study it but perhaps I will do so in the future. So far all my photographic work was done in an autodidact manner.

Do you have projects in future in photography?
Oh yes, of course! Currently I am finishing my bachelor thesis in cultural studies but afterwards I have a couple of plans. I want to release more editions of my project called "Sammelkarten". Those are selfmade photo trading cards that are released every three months via I usually produce 50 packages with 5 cards each (overall there are more than 40 different motifs to be collected) and they are for free. First come first serve!

Besides that I plan to apply for this years Foam-Talent and perhaps there will be another exhibition to come!

Any message for other film photographers? Or maybe a tip you would like to share?
I think the most important thing to keep in mind is not to put too much emphasis on technological aspects in photography. You can shoot impressive pictures even if you use a shoe box as a pinhole camera. Everything depends on ideas and most of all expensive gear is not necessary to do great work!

Thank you Jan for the interview.

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