Friday, February 14, 2014

Creative and Lovely Polaroid Portraits of a Couple Falling In Love on Flickr

It’s a real ‘modern-day’ love story: Boy takes a picture of a toy horse tied to street, posts to Flickr. Girl comments on the picture. They talk, meet and fall in love. Four years later, boy takes girl back to toy horse and asks her to marry him. And it all happened thanks to Flickr.

“I don’t think anyone signs up for a Flickr account thinking they’re going to meet their future spouse,” Whitney Tuttle, now known on Flickr with her husband David Tuttle as his&hers, told Flickr. “I certainly didn’t! But looking back it’s pretty incredible and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

It was 2008 when they became acquainted on Flickr. Dave posted a Polaroid of a toy horse tied up in his Northwest Portland neighborhood. The horse was placed at that spot as part of The Horse Project, an urban art effort started in 2005 by Scott Wayne Indiana. It was his first photo upload on Flickr.

“I randomly found Dave’s Polaroid posted on Flickr,” Whitney explained. ”I recognized it immediately because I had taken a Polaroid of the exact same horse! So, I left a comment and said, ‘Is this on Northwest and Everett?’ And he said, ‘Yes it is.’ And that’s how we met.”

Both Dave and Whitney had a passion for Polaroid instant photography and began corresponding via FlickrMail about each other’s photos.

“For me, it has to do with watching the image develop. Holding it in your hand and watching the image appear is magic,” Dave told The Impossible Project in an interview when they were asking their love for instant photography. “From the minute I took my first shot in 2004, I was hooked. Each shot is unique and unpredictable,” Whitney added. “I love the graininess of the film, the distorted colors and the fact that there is no deleting and retaking; every shot is one of a kind. It makes each photograph more meditated and important.”

Read more of Whitney and Dave’s love story through Flickr Blog or visit their Flickr photostream to see more of their photography.

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