Tuesday, February 25, 2014

B&W Film Photography of Iran by Irem Kaya

Irem Kaya is a freelance photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She's using both film and digital cameras "but film cameras are better than digitals due to so many suprises," she says. "I have so many film cameras but for now my favorite camera are Nikon F50 and Olympus OM10."

Kaya's interested in visual arts since childhood. She started taking pictures in 2005 ater her father, who first taught her old painting, is gone. "I prefer fashion and decoration magazines for my commercial works. But I enjoys taking journal and portrait specially when I traveling. I'm focus moment and people." Below is a selection of Black and White analog photographs of street scenes in Iran by Irem Kaya when she was traveling here.

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  1. That's weird, I have my K1000 since last year and never happened this to me. And loading the film is not that hard. If you are used to load with those QL systems from Canon, yes.

  2. Never said I can't load a K1000 but the design of the takeup spool makes it a bit fiddly compared to some other mechanical designs (and fiddly x twelve cameras is a PITA).

  3. Actually I do agree that K1000's loading is not as efficient as other Pentax cameras like the ME Super i've also got or, as far as M42 camera are concerned, the marvellous Fujica ST801. With that camera I'm sure I'll get 39 frame out of a 36 roll - that means loading is so easy ! K1000 is great, it's bulky, the shutter sound is quiet load - at least loader than my ME SUPER or my Fujicas ST801/ST701 - but I love it ! It never failed me. I wish it could go to 1/2000 speed, it's really helpfull in bright daylight with 400iso film. Actually there's only one main drawback, since K1000 is labeled as "the perfect student camera" it is now way too expensive for what it offers. It's strange, because plenty are available. I was lucky to find mine in mint condition for 40€ with a 50mm f2 18 months ago. Now the average price is sometime around 90€ for the body only ! For that price on ebay, if you're a bit lucky, you can sometime find MX body.