Sunday, January 26, 2014

Incredible Sundance Tintype Portraits by Victoria Will

The 2014 Sundance Film Festival is currently took place from January 16 until January 26, 2014. Photographer Victoria Will, took these amazing 1860s-style portraits of various celebrities in attendance. Every one of them is bloody brilliant and some are incredibly haunting.

Every year, some extraordinary photographs and moments happen at the Sundance Film Festival. Photographer Victoria Will is no stranger to them, having covered the Festival for the past four years.
"A year ago I had my tin type portrait made at the Photoville festival in Brooklyn by the Penumbra Foundation," Will told Esquire about the project, "and since that moment I have been intrigued by wet plate work, you might even say obsessed. I am fascinated by the slow process, the finicky nature of the chemistry, and the beauty in each unpredictable result."
With darkroom help from fellow photographer Josh Wool, Victoria shares her stunning tintype photographs from this year.

Michael C. Hall

Elle Fanning

Kristen Stewart

William H Macy

Bill Hader

Diane Kruger

Philip Seymour Hoffman

Michael Pitt

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Willem Dafoe and Rachel McAdams

Jason Momoa

Elijah Wood

Astrid Berge

Jack McBraye

Sam Shephard

Michael Shannon

(Photos © Victoria Will/Invision/AP, via Esquire)

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