Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ferds Araga - 5 things I love about Film

Ferdie Araga is a 41 year old photographer based in Howell, NJ. He works as the climbing team coach and route setter for an indoor climbing gym.
"I started getting serious with photography a few years ago when I bought my first DSLR," he says. " Then in 2010, I decided to try to shoot film again with a Canon AE-1 I got off craigslist for $50.00."
Araga still uses his camera to this day but all his DSLR gears have either been sold or traded-in.
"I still have a mirrorless digital camera but I hardly get it out of the bag," he adds. "My shelves now have 7 film cameras of the 35mm and 120 kind. I am not a hoarder..."
And here, 5 things why he loves shooting film:

1. Cameras. I have a strong affinity for old cameras. Those are just well crafted and absolutely beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that manufacturers now are even coming out with digital cameras that look like old film ones. I can still remember the first time I shot with my Canon AE-1 after a few years of shooting only with my DSLR. It was pure pleasure feeling the heft of such as small body and the smoothness of the focus ring.

2. Films. I just love the tones, the grain and the amazing dynamic range of film. I get different renderings from different film brands and then even different renderings just by overexposing my shots.

3. Focus. Shooting with a film camera forces me to make sure I have everything right before I press the shutter. Every shot costs money and there is also no LCD screen to look at to verify that I got the shot I wanted. Which brings me to the next thing...

4. Anticipation. There is nothing like the excitement I get after I finish a roll - heck, even after I just tripped the shutter. As sure as I was while I was shooting that I had all the settings right, there is still that nervousness that I may or may not have captured the image. There is almost reckless abandon when I get home and pop the film into the developing tank.

5. Nostalgia. Every time I see an old photo I can’t help but feel and actually place myself in the moment the image was taken. And I think this is one of the main reasons I shoot the way I do. I strive not only to create a beautiful photo but to capture the feeling I had at that point. I am sometimes successful but most times I need to do better. As a child, I’ve always been fascinated with my father’s SLR but we never got around to use it because it got sold during a time when we didn’t have enough resources to enjoy such a luxury. So I guess I have always had a longing for this “old” and “outdated” medium. And now that I am finally able to do so, I don’t plan to stop until the very last spool of film is rolled off the production line.

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