Saturday, January 4, 2014

Black & White Photographs of North Korea in 2010 by Steve Richmond

Steve Richmond is a London based photographer who shoots mostly black and white. He started to take an interest a photography at school in the 1990s. "Back then I didn't have a lot to take photographs of, so focussed mostly on the technical side of things, especially black and white film photography." He said in an interview with Eric Kim. "These days I'm mostly interested in taking documentary style pictures."

'Kimology' is a photo series exploring everyday life in North Korea in August, 2010 by Steve Richmond, where foreigners are escorted everywhere and are limited to photograph. "To me, this seemed like an interesting place to go and photograph. Even though I was limited in what I could photograph, I still found it an interesting experience," said Richmond. "When I went in 2010, Kim Jong-Il was still in charge. No-one had any idea who his successor would be. There were a number of situations where what I was seeing was deliberately contrived for visitors like me, but they couldn’t hide everything, like their citizens in the early morning cutting the grass on the edge of a highway with scissors."

You can see the full 'Kimology' series on Flickr here. See more of Richmond's work on his Flickr photostream, Facebook page and Tumblr.

(via Eric Kim Photography)

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