Thursday, January 23, 2014

Black and White Film Photography by Kiourtzoglou Sofoklis

Kiourtzoglou Sofoklis is a 29 year old photographer living in Athens, Greece. He's interested in street photography since he was 18 years old.
"Day after day I become better by studying a lot from books and photo albums about street photography. My target is to get a darkroom at my house. I prefer to work with film cameras." - Sofoklis says.
Here's a selection of his black and white photographs were taken by film:

See more of Kiourtzoglou Sofoklis's work on his website.

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  1. This is great! It's very inspiring and motivating! I haven't got a camera but I am looking to get one toward the end of the year and this gives me some fantastic ideas :)

  2. Such emotional photos... One with kids lined up for ice-cream is just so sad...