Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Abstract Mirrored Photographs by Akihiko Miyoshi

"Abstract Photographs" is a captivating photo series of self-portraits shot in front of a mirror by photographer Akihiko Miyoshi. The photographs are created through his use of coloured tape adhered to the front of the camera's lens or on the surface of the mirror, while the figure of the artist behind his camera anchors the image.
"While the images allude to formal abstraction with various shapes and colors, the photographic nature of the images are emphasized as the image plane is selectively focused and blurred through the use of depth of field. The usually referencelessness nature of abstraction is contradicted by the presence of minute details captured by the use of a large format camera such as dust and scratch marks found on the surface of the mirror or the texture of the tapes used which makes the images photographically real and almost sculptural. These images have a duality (and tension) of being simultaneously abstract and photographically real." - Miyoshi says.
Born in Japan, Akihiko Miyoshi received a MFA in photography in 2005 from the Rochester Institute of Technology after taking a leave of absence as a PhD student in computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue art. Miyoshi is an Associate Professor of photography and digital media at Reed College. His work explores the intersection between art and technology most frequently dealing with issues surrounding photographic representation, and has been exhibited widely including Portland, New York, Los Angeles, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Toronto.

(Photographs © Akihiko Miyoshi)

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