Tuesday, January 7, 2014

15 Cute Animal Shots by Film in 2013

Here we are again with a collection of 15 cute and funny animal shots by film are uploaded on Flickr in 2013.

White Pony by osh rees

94/365 - Chopper by LooseTrucks

harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away by sparkleplenty_fotos

° by 333Bracket

** La Grosse Mimine à sa Mémère ** by LiLi S.

Heads Down Lads...Tesco Van!!! by Leigh H Photography

Glad to See You by AndreasGarcia

Baa-ram-ewe! by Janet▲

om nom nom by Shitosa Tashimaya

untitled by Gabriela Grossmannová

icelandic horse by Anne-Marie Arpin

untitled by Joe Pepper

bruno's furry friday: part five by manyfires

untitled by BeoBéo (I Shoot Film)

ovine evening by Ron Layters

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