Tuesday, January 14, 2014

15 Beautiful Shots Taken by Using Canon AE-1

The AE-1 is a historically significant SLR, both because it was the first microprocessor-equipped SLR and because of its sales. Backed by a major advertising campaign, the AE-1 sold over one million units, which made it is one of the biggest-selling 35mm cameras of the 1970s and 1980s, and possibly of all time.

The Canon AE-1 was one of the first film cameras of its time to use a central processing unit (CPU), through the lens flash (TTL flash), and automatic exposure settings. The rest of the camera is all good old manual. They make life a little easier for someone who is switching from a completely automated digital camera to a manual film camera. Further, it gives the photos a much higher quality, and at the end of the day, good results are all that are asked for.

winter wind by whimsical jane

. by anna gawlak

untitled by Luca Tabarrini

untitled by Sameli

South From the RCA Bldg, 1986 by Manzari

untitled by Paula Marina

a plain morning by raquel fialho

Tell me what you see when you close your eyes by fields of bohemia

untitled by heavy bangs

. by Fabio Astone

untitled by b r e e

untitled by Catarina Rodriguees

flying tresses by Ben Zank

untitled by Sid Black

stuff I dream about by Derek Corneau

See more of analog photos taken by using Canon AE-1 camera or sharing your photos on Canon AE-1's Flickr group here. If you didn't try on a Canon AE-1 camera and consider buying one, you can read the review on Canon AE-1 here.

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