Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wonderful Color Photos Taken with Expired Films

Want a vintage effect on your photos without the use of editing software? Expired film is perfect for this! Expired film is film that has passed its suggested use by date. The film will produce a loss of contrast and color shifts much like those in vintage photographs. The longer the film has been expired (and how the film was stored), the more dramatic the effects and/or problems.

Here, a selection of 14 interesting color photographs were taken by using expired films:

untitled by Aubry Aragon

sunlight washes it away by neekwe

Acorn St in Beacon Hill, Boston by Barry Yanowitz

untitled by JMPaul

brighton | west pier | sunrise by slimmer_jimmer

untitled by capitan-patata

expired by mselderhuis

Sunset over Chicago by kevin dooley


New York, February 17th, 2010 by The Gentleman Amateur

My spring (Hasselblad edition) by (davide)

untitled by des.i.ree

untitled by patrickjoust

untitled by xbacksteinx

You can buy some of expired films on eBay here. The end result with expired film is never predictable so some images taken with expired film may be unusable. So remember to always use fresh films to shoot important events or jobs.

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