Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wonderful Color Photos of Los Angeles in 1979 by George Porcari

Born in Lima, Peru in the 1950s, George Porcari emigrated to Los Angeles at age 11 and began taking photographs ten years later to record his own sense of dislocation. In subsequent years, Porcari went on to document his observations of cities through occasional series of photographs, which have also included cinematically- inspired collages, portraits of Los Angeles/international artist friends, the US-Mexican border.
"When I was very young I was influenced by Cartier Bresson and Robert Frank… who I still really love," he says.
Porcari attended art school in New York and Los Angeles, but rather than pursue a gallery career he became a professional librarian: a vocation that has allowed him to pursue his wide range of idiosyncratic interests.

Below are some of his wonderful color photographs in 1979 showing how cool the LA in the 1970's.

(Photos © George Porcari)

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