Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vytautas Ambrazas - 5 things I love about Film

Vytautas Ambrazas is a photographer based-in Fair Lawn, NJ, US. His passion for film was reignited three years back by a traveler and photographer Paulius Normantas, whom he met during his wanderings in the Thar Desert (India).
"After I got back home, my Olympus E-3 went to eBay and my wife gave me a used Olympus OM-2n for my birthday!" He says. "Later I got quite few more cameras from people that stopped using them, once they find out I was shooting film. First I got a film scanner, but that wasn't fully satisfying and a year later darkroom followed. Shooting film is totally different process that involves loading a camera, developing and dying film, making prints in the darkroom, etc. and all of this lets you touch a very soul of a created photograph in all stages instead of all done purely by a computer."
Below are 5 main reasons why Ambrazas love shooting film:

1. No need to make photos look like film, they are taken on film!

2. Natural artifacts makes photo alive and gives more timeless look.

3. Developing film, seeing image come to life, experimenting with different developing and processing in the darkroom is exciting and meditative process.

4. Analog "full frame" and medium format is available at fraction of a cost vs. digital camera/lens equivalent.

5. Shooting analog there is no option/need to look at the LCD screen like on digital device and no need to worry about charging the battery, just keep concentrating on what's in front of you.

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