Sunday, December 1, 2013

Michael Taborsky - 5 things I love about Film

Michael Taborsky is a 26 year old student who's at the moment doing an internship in Hamburg, originally from Vienna. He found photography because of his mother, who studied art, and was shooting Polaroid and some different film cameras back then. "This gave me the opportunity to capture family get togethers as well as our holidays and so I fell in love with photography," he says.

After several years of shooting Michael discovered film again and bought a Nikon F65, little plastic 35mm SLR with Af etc. "My dream camera always was a Mamiya RZ67 Pro. When I found it affordable I bought it and since then, every film I shoot is 120 on my Mamiya. At the moment my favorite film is Fuji PRO400H as well as Kodak Portra400."

Below are 5 reasons why he still shoots film:

1. The Look.
Everybody will tell you this story how film creates this lovely feel and this dreamy, romantic look, and it's true. Film grain is so much more lovely than digital noise and the colors are nothing else than astonishing.

2. The way it makes me shoot.
I never was someone who took a million pictures, even in digital age I rarely shoot more than a hundred frames when shooting an Editorial. But film makes me care about the final image way more then digital does. I won't repeat anything over and over again, I will make everything perfect before I press the shutter.

3. Retouching.
Actually I try to be as good in Photoshop as I need to be and get better every single time I use it. But with film, I don't need to. If I spend more than 2 minutes in photoshop when I retouch a scanned negative I get crazy.

4. The cameras.
Actually, I love my D800 and all other cameras I had. But film cameras are special in a different way. The way you put the film in, take care of that "old lady" you have. Knowing my Mamiya Rz67 Pro is at least 10 years older than me, works perfectly and probably will work in that way when I'm old is awesome.

5. The feeling.
Shooting film makes me feel different about shooting but also about photography. It was always a passion but with film it feels more like being a child again, playing around, and creating memories, not "only" pictures.

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