Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Mean Streets of Berlin' by Christopher Hall

Christopher Hall is a photographer based-in San Francisco, CA. He shoots mostly film and has been shooting since he was 17 years old, so almost 35 years now.
"Though I also own a couple digital cameras. I prefer working with film, I tend to get results exactly the way I want them with film, with digital, I find I have to fiddle with Photoshop or Lightroom for hours to get a certain look, and I already spend too much time in front of a computer, I'd rather be behind a camera," he says.
'Mean Streets of Berlin' set is an extension of an on-going project he has been doing at home in San Francisco, 'The Streets Of San Francisco' set.
"I like finding these kinds of scenes, and I'm really interested in how an inanimate object such as a car can interact with the environment where it's found, and that it can sometimes appear to be a scene from 30 or 40 years ago. Other times there are little quirks where cars mirror colors found elsewhere in the frame , and it almost seems that someone intentionally coordinated the colors (not so much in the Berlin set, but in other sets, this is true). People often remark that these scenes must be staged, but they are all shot "as found". The photos are about so much more than just the car, the background/surroundings, the light, the weather, and the car all come together to form a little moment that typically can't be repeated. They are all little gems I've noticed just as I walk or ride my bike past, it's difficult for me now not to stop for these scenes." He says of his work.

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