Thursday, December 5, 2013

Amazing Polaroid Emulsion Lifts by Laura Su Lilie

Laura Su Lilie is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. She started doing film photography in 2010. Lilie mostly does Polaroid emulsion lifts now - over a year ago, she came up with the idea to "double" them (meaning she put two or more layers of Polaroid emulsions on-top of each other to create a unique "doubling effect"), "because I figured it might yield interesting results and I hadn't seen any double Polaroid emulsion lifts before," she says.
"My style is dreamy, at times surreal, and earthy. By doubling lifts, I'm able to create and mould my moods and dreams in photographic form. I find the aesthetics of the emulsion lift process so appealing because, through thoughtful artistic manipulation, it can make pictures look like paintings of timelessly languorous , albeit slightly "rugged" beauty. And every handmade piece is beautifully unique."
Below is a selection of her amazing work.

See more Lilie's work on her Flickr photostream.

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