Saturday, December 14, 2013

Agata Myga - 5 things I love about Film

Agata Myga (b. 1993) is a photographer based-in Gdynia, Poland who loves the suburbs, plastic cameras, red wine, neon lights, concerts, music and literature.
"I also love black and white horror movies, potted plants and modernist architecture," she says. "I like to dance in front of the mirror and spend time with my boyfriend and friends. I'm addicted to taking photos. Oh, and my favorite hobby is laughing."
Below are 5 things she love about film:

1. Waiting. Sometimes the first photos from film were taken for about two months before develop them. So when you look at your photographs - they evoke some memories. I'm a sentimental person.

2. Fortuity. Double exposured, overexposed or blurry photos - such surprises sometimes add charm to photos.

3. Cameras. I love these little plastic cameras (with I mostly use). I also have a Zenit 12XP but I think it is heavy so I prefer to use my light plastic Halina 160 which is adorable!

4. Always with me. I have no problems to bring analog camera for music festival or other event. I don't care so much about the pixels of my images.

5. Play with light. I believe that only analog cameras can catch the light in this fantastic way. It's magical.

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