Sunday, December 29, 2013

15 Interesting 35mm Color Portraits of 2013

Portrait photography is one of the most popular subjects in photography, capturing a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject. Below is a selection featuring 15 interesting 35mm color portrait shots uploaded on Flickr in 2013. Remember that this gallery is not the best of 2013 but some are interesting and beautiful for your inspiration.

forest. by Carly Hildebrant

untitled by Mariam Sitchinava.

Love is paradise xvii by Can Dagarslani

untitled by Luca Tabarrini

untitled by La Tì / Tiziana Nanni

Film portrait. by raul gonza|ez

my kingdom by Lisa-Marie Kaspar

Bluish by All Kinds of New

Plucking a violin 35mm by Pierre Kroupensky Fotografo

untitled by Leanne Surfleet

untitled by EYLUL ASLAN

untitled by Esben Bøg

Shine by Berzsián

we walked through the deep forest and when we reached the plateau the warm dream flew over our arms and made our hair look like diamonds. by worteinbildern

died pretty by zuru1024

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