Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Vacant" by Roslyn Julia

Roslyn Julia is a photographer residing in Brooklyn, NY. Her most recent series is titled Vacant. It's a collection she started when she noticed that tucked into her landscape series were three abandoned barns.
"I visited the smokey mountains in Tennessee very recently and had planned for my rolls of film to be filled with pictures of mountain-scapes and forests. I was continually driving by many decaying homes and barns, many that reminded me of similar past homes and places I had seen on county routes back home, in upstate new york. I am attracted to these places not only because they seem to be merging with the nature and land around them but because they also hold a past, they hold memories within them.
So far, Vacant embodies what I found on one county road in Tennessee and those three photographs, found at the end, that sparked the idea of collecting more. All of my work holds its own ideas of memory, each passing second that we call the present and then past, perception and energy or nature. I believe these structures hold a bit of each in them."
The series is shot with a 6x7 camera. This is Julia's ongoing series and more will continue to be added frequently.

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