Thursday, November 21, 2013

The "Stendhal District" Project

Stendhal District is a gallery to exhibit and showcase the collection of street photography by three photographers Russel Kwok, Alan Chee and Ian Lam. Through these photographs, they hope to inspire you to appreciate the smaller things in life - The Street.

Intrigued by photography and the idea of capturing a moment for forever, Russel Kwok picked up his first camera in 2007 – a Holga 135BC. He would bring it everywhere he went, snapping shots of everything that caught his eyes and although it was just a toy camera, it felt wonderful to know those images he saw through the viewfinder were engraved on film for forever.
"Although the first ten rolls of film that I shot on the Holga were 80% black, underexposed and blurred- I slowly learnt more about the functioning aspects of a camera; film speed, aperture, shutter speeds and depth of field. Shooting on film allowed me to learn more quickly, as once etched onto the film, there were no deletes, thus making me think about every shot I took before I depressed the shutter," Kwok says. "After a number of corporate jobs, I soon realized that it was not money that was driving my passion. I enjoy travelling, exploring and taking photographs of breathtaking scenery, but it is street photography that best reflects what I hope to capture. The Street is not like the Runway or Studio- The Street is raw, most of the time candid and natural. Street Photography is about capturing those moments; moments that make you see the subject for what it is."
Pioneering Stendhal District, Kwok teamed up with Alan Chee and Ian Lam in 2013, their vision and goal for it was to be a platform, similar to Magnum Photos, for photographers all over the world to contribute and share photographs that captured moments that others were not there to experience.

Pressure / Russel

Exercise. Hanoi, 2013 / Alan

Opening Hours. Macau, 2013 / Alan

An old man trudges upslope in the alleys of Macau, burdened by the weight of his groceries. Macau, 2013 / Alan

Envy. London, UK, 2013 / Ian

Frustration. Dali, China, 2012 / Ian

Ennui. Lijiang, China, 2012 / Ian

Bachelorette Party Copenhagen, Denmark, 2013 / Ian

Winter in Munich. Munich, Germany, 2012 / Ian

Joy in the Midst of Degradation. Kunming, China, 2013 / Ian

Pillars Copenhagen, Denmark 2013 / Ian

Gambling late at night in a wholesale stall, just one of the many night activities in Hong Kong. Hongkong, 2012 / Russel

See more of their work on Stendhal District's website or follow them on Facebook.

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