Friday, November 8, 2013

Shooting Mul­ti­ple Expo­sures a Whole Roll of Film

Mul­ti­ple expo­sure allows you to record two or more dif­fer­ent scenes on the same frame of film. You must make sure that your cam­era can do this, and you must read your instruc­tion man­ual to dis­cover the set­tings that con­trol mul­ti­ple expo­sure for your par­tic­u­lar cam­era. Most older man­ual cam­eras are capa­ble of pro­duc­ing mul­ti­ple exposures.

Tips for multiple exposures:
  • Multiple exposures work best with simple, contrasting subjects. Try to avoid bright or white light as the risk of over-exposure is greater. For example, take a picture of a texture (e.g. grass, rocks, sand, etc.) for your first shot, and then a subject for your second.
  • You aren't limited to double or triple exposures; just keep clicking! This works best in lower light so you don't overexpose your negative.
  • Try multi-exposures at night with a flash, you might get some ghostly results!
  • Try different coloured gels over your lens when taking multi-exposures for crazy colours.
  • Take a picture of architecture, and then rotate the camera 180º and take another shot. This technique also works well with horizons.

Double-exposing a whole roll

It's possible to double-expose a whole roll if that is your intention. What you need to do is shoot a roll of film as normal. Once you've finished your roll, rewind it and load your film again, and expose as normal once more. You will find that this produces some pretty unpredictable results, as you forget what you shot the first time round.

Photo by Tamara Lichtenstein

Film swapping

There are several groups set up for swapping film. What usually happens is one person buys a roll of film, shoots it, then rewinds it. They then send it off to some one else who shoots the roll and processes the film. The results are completely unpredictable and very exciting! The most popular group for film swapping is A Tale of Two Cities and FILM SWAP.

Photo by hodachrome

(via squarefrog)

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