Monday, November 25, 2013

Shooting Dreamy Double Exposure Portraits With Film

Haunting, dreamy, and gorgeous all at once, double exposures of silhouettes are the kind of photos that make you stare a while. It's been on your projects-to-try list, so here's a friendly nudge with a few tips on this ethereal brand of portrait-taking, via Photojojo!.

The basics
  • 1st image: Shoot your subject with the sun or a bright sky behind them.
  • 2nd image: Shoot a well-lit textured backdrop, a landscape, flowers, grass etc. This fills in the silhouette with that image!
Use 200-400 ISO. Underexpose by 1 stop, since you’re exposing the film twice. Shoot a roll of silhouettes. Then, rewind and reload to shoot over those exposures with textures. Or line up your frames more precisely by marking your film when you load it and writing down what you’ve photographed on each frame.

Here, a selection of 15 dreamy double exposure portraits on film for your inspiration!

01680026 by rūta ॐ

morgan by t.coray

2.8 by mr.fink

Untitled by Adam Garelick

Untitled by silvia sani

Untitled by Leanne Surfleet

Untitled by ....ша

No Title by Mitchell Collins

LCA8027 by iany_

Forest by Marcin Michalak

Spring tickles my nose by Geltona

Untitled by Claire Marie Vogel

Untitled by Jon Duenas


Being a Film Photographer by Khánh Hmoong

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  1. amazing <3 cant wait to try these techniques!!

  2. What does it mean of underexposed by 1 stop ? For example the first time we use exposer 2.8 then the second time we use 4 ? Is it correct ?

  3. It means the ISO on film. If you're using 200 ISO film, just try to shoot them at ISO 400 or shoot the first image with ISO 200 and then 400 for the second...