Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paul Daly - 5 things I love about Film

Paul Daly is a photographer who lives between Manchester and London in the UK. He has taken portraits and documentary/street photos for about 5/6 years.
"I am trying to find a balance between both styles, as well as filmmaking. One day I hope I can work on film in all mediums."
Here are 5 reasons why Paul still shoots film:

1. It generates a pure, natural image. I think film closely resembles what we see a lot more than digital does. When I close my eyes and take in the hundreds of colours and try to shape images from memories, I think it resembles film grain somewhat.

2. Every image is unique and seeped in personality. Whether that is planned out or done subconsciously, or whether it is the photographer's emotions that are captured or the subject's. Digital cameras seems to suck the life out of the image for me.

3. When a roll of film gets older, it almost becomes its own entity. Whether it is more grain, or some vibrant/milky colours, film almost seems alive because of this. It's great when there is a visual element added by the films condition rather than planning for that to happen.

4. It is a discipline. Whenever I have done work on digital cameras, I find it hard to immerse myself. I think I work far too clumsily with digital. I feel because there is nothing to lose, I can let go a bit and not concentrate as much as I would when shooting film. On top of that, being able to see an image immediately nullifies the tension and excitement of waiting for your results to come back. To become better, you must make costly mistakes.

5. It's the tool of the masters. My influences photographically have come from people who have mastered the art decades ago. I have a lot of respect for anyone who can take a good picture on film, and when you see the life's work of the masters it is easy to get never-ending inspiration.

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