Saturday, November 2, 2013

"From river to Sea" by Benedetta Falugi

Benedetta Falugi, a freelance photographer from Tuscany, Italy who currently shoots film, mostly with Praktica MTL5, Lomo LC-A, Leica Mini II and underwater plastic toy-cam.
"I've always loved analogic mood and all my works are made by film 35mm." Benedetta says.
From river to Sea is a photos series which she decided to photograph a place located near a power plant, along a river that flows into the sea there are all these little wooden houses of fishermen, a place for her little 'magic', "I already attended as a child because I often went with my dad (who is no more) to let dogs run or bathe them. It was one of those rare moments when I was alone with him then I remember with great affection," she talks about her series.
"I decided to photograph this place by instinct, like almost all the things I do, especially wooden houses and the central, I snapped in many hours but then I chose the sunset, which has the most beautiful light and homogeneous. Later I would like to photograph people who live there, the interior of the houses if I can. I hope so."

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