Friday, November 15, 2013

Film Portrait Photography by Danny Lane

Danny Lane is a 27 year old photographer based-in New York. He shoots mostly art, fashion and portraiture with his friends and models. Danny started shooting on film about a year ago and he hasn't looked back. His first film cameras were a Canon underwater point and shoot (WP-1) and a Canon AV-1 with the 50mm f/1.8 lens which he took from his parents.

"I would bring these cameras to parties and concerts with my friends' bands. I am in a band too, Sofa Club," he says. "Now, I have over a dozen film cameras. 35mm and Polaroid. I am using mostly the Miranda G and that Canon AV-1. For a newer look, I have a Contax G1 that is pretty cool, but I don't trust the autofocus. For point and shoot, I am between the Konica C35 and the Contax TVS. All of my cameras are cool and I am trying to find the right shelving to hold them all. It's gonna look great."

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