Monday, November 4, 2013

Film Photography by Oana Fuicu

Oana Fuicu is a 21 year old photographer from Timisoara, Romania, who has been shooting film for the passed 3 years. Oana loves to travel and take pictures, needless to say she carries a camera wherever she go.. Most of the photos below were taken during the summer at some parties, at music festivals, at lakes etc... and some photos were taken in Italy and Hungary.
"It's a mixture of different experiences. I've been taking pictures since I can remember, first digital, then film. I started shooting film when I was 17 but really got into it in the last 2 years. I've always resonated with photography, I guess it's a way of rebelling against the passing of time. You get to keep your pleasent moments on a piece o paper, or on a roll film somewhere."

See more of Oana Fuicu's work on her Tumblr page.

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