Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vehicles & Tree Film Swap September 2013

"Vehicles & Tree Film Swap September 2013" is a creative film swap project between two photographers from Flickr Ahrabella Heabe Lewis and Dan James. The theme was vehicles and trees. They each shot a roll of photographs of vehicles on Pentax ME Supers with Solution VX200 film, then rewound the films, posted to each other, and shot the second layer of trees.

"What I really enjoy about this film swap is the dreamlike layered images that though random can also appear to be synchronized and the rich colours of the overlapping images." Ahrabella says about the results.

"What surprised me with this roll is the variety of colours that have come through with the scanning. And, as with previous film swaps we've done, my favourite images are the montages where many images merge together to form a dreamlike storyline..." Dan adds.

Here's some of their work.

You can check out more of amazing photos of their work on Ahrabella's set and Dan's set on their Flickr pages.

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