Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Evolution of the Twin Lens Reflex Serigraphs

The Evolution of the Twin Lens Reflex is a poster design created for Dodge & Burn which meticulously illustrating some of the major stages in the development of twin lens cameras over time. Each camera has been rendered individually, complete with lens and body markings and composed in chronological order along with with information on their brand and origin. These are printed as beautiful quality serigraphs on archival American-made Coventry Rag Paper, blind-embossed with the Dodge & Burn seal and finally stamped and numbered by Dodge & Burn’s originator Ted.

A serigraph is a screen-print print made by the silkscreen process. A screen works much like a stencil, with ink being pushed through it and onto paper. Parts of the screen are blocked out creating blank or negative space on the paper. Meanwhile, the ink passes through the porous parts and onto the paper beneath, creating an image. A different screen is required for each color being printed.

(via Behance)

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