Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Paul Petch - 5 things I love about Film

Paul Petch is a photographer, art director and producer based-in Auckland, New Zealand. He specialises in documenting people, events and places. His work has a distinct style that connects emotion and our environment with the drive to tell an engaging, genuine and rich story.
"Shit slows down so much when I'm shooting film that I'm more aware of the person and our interactions. It's like every second that passes is utterly genuine and once again, it connects on a level deep in "our" souls."
Here, five main reasons why Paul loves shooting film.

1. I love how shooting film is difficult. It's a mixture of technical, practical and following your gut instincts. Shooting film is a real challenge for me because i don't have a preview option or live view towards the finished image. I really respect the art of photography when shooting film as my heart pounds as i triple check ISO, Aperture and shutter speed for committing to press ing the button.

Digital photography is not "easy" but film really does make me appreciate just how user friendly and powerful digital cameras actually are. I respect the photographers back in the day s of film so much.

2. Film has inspired me to capture less photos and not sweat over the nagging feeling to capture "everything". Since shooting film i've focussed on quality over quantity for every roll of film and when i shoot digital i feel the same way when i pick up my camera.

The first three frames for both film and digital are generally all i need, so i try and focus on this and there is less processing. Honestly, if i had not started to shoot film i doubt i would have this insight.

3. Shooting film kicks my butt and keeps me grounded. Every time i get a roll developed i'm always amazed at how many images i see are not great. Since shooting digital my confidence has grown and grown and i was getting bored. Shooting film is a reminder that i have much more to learn about photography every time i develop a roll. This lesson or "kick up the butt" keeps me grounded as a photographer.

4. Film is utterly beautiful. The textures. The tones. The dynamic range. The "realness". WOW. There is nothing like it. Film also has a 3d quality that i've never been able to reproduce with digital imagery and it's as if it connects with something deep within my soul. I'll often find myself unable to resist touching a film photograph in anticipation of a textural response. It's gorgeous.

5. Film is more about people. I've met so many cool people since shooting film. The developer is a rare skill today and its a relationship worth the investment. I've connected with "filmys" at clubs, events and photo walks. I've talked with strangers on the street and on location who stop and talk to me because i have a film camera in my hand. The whole experience from composition to capture for me is about the person with film, and in my hands i have a piece of history that connects us both.

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