Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Khánh Hmoong's First Roll of Film Ever

First Roll of Film Ever is my newest series right here on Shooting Film. Here, I would be investigating your very first encounter with film: when and how you got into analogue photography, what your first camera was, what film you used, where you spent your first roll, how the actual pictures appeared, what lessons you learned, and how it was like to shoot with film—for the very first time.

We have just read the stories of Vanda from France and Agata from Poland. Today, we have Shooting Film's very own, Khánh Hmoong from Vietnam. His first encounter with film may be not so long ago but his first pictures tell a lot—they don't look like they were taken by a "newbie," which only goes to show that Hmoong made the right choice when he decided to go analogue. He's pretty good at it! Now, enough of my yakking, read on to his story below.

Hmoong shared,

"I started taking pictures on since February 2011. I've been shooting mostly with film since then. I learned basic photography from my friends in my hometown, Nha Trang, then I taught myself through the Internet, especially through social networks where I find a lot of inspirations.

My first film camera was a Nikon F50. About a month later, I picked up a Nikon FM because of its design with full manual mode. I love manual cameras. Now, I have several cameras such as Zenit E, Zenit ET, Exa Ihagee Dresden... but Nikon FM is still my favorite camera ever. Most of my pictures are shot by this camera. I still use it untill now.

Here are some of images from my first roll. I used a Fuji Superia 200 film. Superia is also one of my favorite films. The roll was shot using a Nikon F50 around Nha Trang in Tet (or Vietnamese New Year) holiday. I took pictures of street scenes and my family members, including my then girlfriend, who is now my wife.

I can't tell you how I'm happy by words when I first saw the results. They made me so surprised! At that time, I thought I must learn more about photography, especially analogue and shoot more and more. And I know that since then, I fell in love with analogue already."

And of course, here are Hmoong's first takes on his first roll ever:

Author's Note: Want to share a story about your first roll of film ever? Email me!

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