Monday, October 28, 2013

James Stewart with a Exakta VX camera a telephoto lens in "Rear Window" (1954)

In Hitchcock’s 1954 movie, Rear Window James Stewart’s character spies on his neighbours with an Exacta VX SLR fitted with a long lens. There is much discussion online about this lens, the consensus being that it is a Heinz Kilfitt 400mm f/5.6 ”Fern-Kilar”.

Aug. 10, 1954: From left, Grace Kelly, Los Angeles Times photographer Phil Bath, James Stewart and director Alfred Hitchcock look over camera equipment used by press photographers and in the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window."

A closeup from the top photo of the camera and lens held by Times photographer Phil Bath and actor James Stewart. Is it an Exakta Varex VX with a Kilfitt Fern-Kilar f/5.6 400mm lens? Credit: Los Angeles Times

This image accompanied a short Los Angeles Times story the next morning that reported:
Actor James Stewart, who portrays a press photographer in a new picture, and Alfred Hitchcock, director of the film, have the official approval of Los Angeles’ news cameramen for the efforts.
More than 50 members of the Los Angeles Press Photographers Association attended a preview of the Paramount product, “Rear Window,” as guests of Stewart, Hitchcock and the leading lady, Grace Kelly.
Phil Bath, Times photographer and president of the association, gave a brief talk and presented Hitchcock a gold press camera for furthering relationships between film studios and the press.
Members of the association also showed the film people the intricacies of new photographic equipment.
(via Framework and cameras in the media)

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