Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hauntingly Beautiful Photos by Nearly Destroying Old Negatives

After discovering a batch of slides in his basement that had been exposed to moisture for 15 years, Dutch photographer Rohn Meijer decided he would start taking his old fashion shoot negatives and nearly destroying them into works of art. He takes old negatives from past shoots and places them in a caustic chemical bath for months at a time. What he pulls out are negatives forever transformed.
“Sometimes I find that nothing is left because they’ve disintegrated, and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised,” he tells Wired. “What I’m looking for is the way that colors play out, sometimes a bleeding effect, other times more harsh effects. It’s a different kind of developing I’m doing, it’s not done in a laboratory.”
Meijer first scanned the negatives and displayed them in 2007. Back then he had about 45. It’s hard to grow the series because it takes so long to transform the negatives. Over time, Meijer has found that variables like film brand and ISO produce different effects, and he’s begun to understand how much time different negatives need to stew until they’re up to his standards.

(All photos © Rohn Meijer, via PetaPixel)

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