Friday, October 4, 2013

Flickr Samplr #25: Blue

A photo assortment focused on various blue colors captured in a variety of scenes and things. See more photos like these and share your photos in Shooting Film's Flickr group to get a chance of featuring your work on our blog.

untitled by danieladenkova

Dreaming - On the Ocean by tsiklonaut

secret world by Pretty in Mad

See the light by

untitled by Celeste Ortiz

Clothes Line by Timm Ranson

Andrea by sold as is

青 by Kkeina

261* by pinscale*

Baby blue ! by Hello i'm Wild !

° by 333Bracket

close your eyes and don't ask why by oh no, not again

Diana Mini, second roll by cherrygurl

untitled by _acido

blue man by TAT_hase!

Blue winter III by elkarrde

untitled by *YIP*

back to the blue by Frozen Flame |

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