Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ballerina Project by Dane Shitagi

Like a dream becoming reality the Ballerina Project is an ongoing series of photographs created by photographer Dane Shitagi. Constructed over the span of 12 years the Ballerina Project is not your typical “dance photography” but an etching of a ballerinas heart and emotions.

The Ballerina Project grew from the idea of New York City as a magnet for creativity; each photograph is a collaborative work of dance, fashion design and photography played out against the city's landscape. Dane Shitagi is the both the creator and photographer of the Ballerina Project.

Much of the project has been photographed on traditional film and cameras. Only as of the late Spring 2012 the project has begun to incorporate digital photography for a portion of their latest images.

To see more images from the Ballerina Project subscribe to their website at: or follow them on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram pages.

(Images © Dane Shitagi)

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