Saturday, October 19, 2013

B&W Film Photography by Will Davis

Will Davis is a film photographer from UK. He started shooting film with his granddad’s Voightlander Vito that was given to him, it's a great rangefinder perfect for street photography. He then purchased a Canon EOS -1 of eBay. "I found it amazing that I could get technically one of the greatest film SLRs ever made for virtually next to nothing. By contrast to buy the digital version would of cost thousands of pounds. It also allowed me to use the lens that I had purchased on my digital camera without having to spend a whole load of money again," he says.

Davis has a real fascination with beaches at the moment both in the UK and abroad, part of that he thinks is about becoming a father. "When I went on holiday I was used to travelling around a lot, however having a young child has meant more visits to the seaside," he says. "I am particularly interested in the contrast between the British and Foreign seasides and the conditions that drive these differences, both culturally and environmentally. But if I had to categorise my approach I would say it is a mixture between landscape and new documentary."

His favorite black and white films are Kodak 400 Professional and Ilford XP2. Here's a look at a sampling of his black and white film photography.

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