Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Agata Kucharska's First Roll of Film Ever

A series by Erin Emocling

First Roll of Film Ever is my newest series right here on Shooting Film. Here, I would be investigating your very first encounter with film: when and how you got into analogue photography, what your first camera was, what film you used, where you spent your first roll, how the actual pictures appeared, what lessons you learned, and how it was like to shoot with film—for the very first time.

Last time, we read the story of Vanda Baumeister. Today, Agata Kucharska shares her first dive into the analogue world. Read on to my mini interview with her and notice how her first film photographs shift from crazy to beautiful!

EE: When did you first get into film photography?

AK: I got into analogue photography in June 2012. The camera was given to me as a birthday gift almost two years before I actually took courage to take the first shot. I don't know why I chose this moment, but I guess I made a good choice.

EE: What was the first film camera and which kind of film did you use?

AK: It was Praktica L2 and the film was Kodak Ektar.

EE: How did you spend the entire roll? Where did you shoot?

AK: I've spent the whole afternoon with my friend, whom I knew had some experience with analogues, I thought I'd feel safer in her company, which now seems very funny to me. We went to the Lomo cafe in our town to get into the atmosphere, I shot some surroundings and tried to take portraits of her.

EE: How was your first roll? When you saw the outcomes, what was the feeling like?

AK: It was a funny experience, I had some issues with releasing the shutter properly. I've been confused about HOW DOES IT REALLY WORK for almost half of the roll :) Until I just googled the manual, read the whole thing, gave myself some time to think, and I ended up with a discovery that I'm just doing it wrong.

The rest of the film was shot properly, but I didn't know what is going to come out of this. To my surprise, the shots were all there, just a bit crazy, that's why some shots are moved, pointed to the sky, or there's a portrait of my friend's legs instead of her face! But even the crazy results of my early beginnings were precious to me, and I thought they created some pretty cool effects.

I also shot some indoor scenes, like my self portrait in the mirror, or the eerie picture of a dim lit teddy bear. I was very happy with those, it made me very excited. My favorite though, would be definitely the rising sun picture, with the pinkish sky and the trees in the foreground.

EE: After taking your first roll ever, what did you keep in mind for your next rolls?

AK: Definitely press the button properly! :) But seriously, I got an amazing boost of courage and confidence, and there was this curiosity of "what happens next", starting to grow in me, and it's still there nowadays.

Author's Note: Want to share a story about your first roll of film ever? Email me!

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