Thursday, October 3, 2013

15 Interesting Self-portraits with Zenit cameras

Zenit is a Soviet camera brand which was manufactured by the KMZ factory near Moscow since 1952. The Zenit cameras are very common Russian SLR cameras from the 1970's. Many film photographers still use them today and Zenit cameras are one of their favorite analog cameras. We presented a collection of 12 beautiful portraits taken by using Zenit cameras few days ago. And today, here's another collection of 15 interesting self-portraits of film photographers behind their Zenit cameras.

Zombie-zoğmbiöö by merveçi.

mrcz_zenit_36 by mariczka

untitled by welcome, ghosts

untitled by Aleksandra Kojić

hello by asya baranova

untitled by lea-la

Whiskey by Tamar Burduli

In an elevator by Andrey Timofeev

untitled by Maina Almeida

untitled by Maina Almeida

untitled by Leanne Surfleet

self by varya.angie

helloo by Liis Klammer

004 by plu ┼ ulp

* by aren't you the girl

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  1. Hey! I really liked it!! :))) how about this pic ? ;DD Zenit-E and Helios-44-2 :3 X-mas shoot in my favorite shirt "The sex has made me stupid" ^^