Sunday, September 8, 2013

Wonderful Film Portrait Photography by Morgynn Haner

Morgynn Haner is a 23 year old graduate student in Austin, TX. She creates meaning in her life through photography, and it's how she make senses of her experience in the world. Morgynn tries to find the beauty in the dark and strange.
"My love affair with film began as a child, shooting pack after pack of polaroids at my grandma's on the weekend (I actually have Polaroids I took of myself at 9, wearing lipstick and trying to look artsy). I started shooting my dad's 35mm in high school and picking up old cameras in antique stores, and with a lot of determination got a Polaroid Land Camera 100 (that I still have) to start shooting again.
I regretfully put down all of my cameras for the four years I was in college. About a year ago (with a whole lot of encouragement) I started shooting again, and I found part of myself I never knew was there. I picked up my polaroids and 35mm, and because I am absolutely obsessive I also started shooting medium and large format and turned my bathroom into a darkroom. I love everything about film and I don't think I'll ever stop shooting."

Visit her Tumblr page to find out more of her wonderful work.

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